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The work with children, intermediates and adolescents came as a result of a blessing from the Lord, which showed the importance of the instruction to the classes and its integration into the prophetic context in which the church lives.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Pv 22:6

The main emphasis of the teaching for the classes is related to the prophetic moment of the Work of the Holy Spirit for this last hour: to announce the return of the Lord Jesus.

One of the objectives, shown by the Lord Jesus in 1997 for this work, was the need to unify the teaching of the Word for the classes of children, intermediates and adolescents.

In order to meet these guidelines, the Presbytery Educational Sector was created, which structured the work for the dissemination of the teachings, at a national level, to the churches.

In April of 2015, the Commission of Doctrine, Faith and Ethics was created, established by revelation of the Lord Jesus, and is formed by a group of pastors, to deliberate on matters related to the doctrine of the Maranatha Christian Church.


The subjects to be taught in the classes of children, intermediates and adolescents address the 5 (five) doctrinal axes:

  • 1st axis: The revealed Word
  • 2nd axis: The blood of Jesus
  • 3rd axis: Church, the Body of Christ
  • 4th axis: Salvation
  • 5th axis: Faith and grace

The teaching material aims to assist teachers in the ministration of Sunday School classes, and is made available in advance to the churches through the website of the work with children, intermediates and adolescents.

The material comprises:

  • Message for the class in pdf text.
  • Slides to support the teaching in presentation format.
  • Distribution sheet for the classes, for printing.

The studies are structured to be taught in 3 different classes, called:

1st class: Children

Constitution of the class: Children from the 3rd birthday to the 7th birthday.

2nd Class: Intermediates

Constitution of the class: Older children, from the 7th birthday to the 11th birthday.

3rd Class: Adolescents

Constitution of the class: Adolescents from the 11th to the 15th birthday.

After the 15th birthday, adolescents are promoted to the youth class.

The material for the various classes began to be made available by the Commission of Doctrine, Faith and Ethics on 9/1/2015, and is distributed monthly.

Questions and requests for clarifications can be sent to the Commission of Doctrine, Faith and Ethics, email

About the Work of CIAs

The guidelines provided by the Lord, consolidated in this website, aim at promoting the improvement of the work with children, intermediates and adolescents as a way of supporting the teachers and pastors associated with the Maranatha Christian Church.

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